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Pt aniket sharma is my astrologer, and I refer all my interested friends to her for insight into life issues - changes, relationships, timing, decisions, etc. She is warm, perceptive, intuitive, intelligent, worldly, educated, sincerely caring and knows astrology. I gave my mother a reading with sharma! For the big picture or help with the details, I recommend her. I am a scientifically educated person, yet I have always found aniket sharma astrological readings to be true and helpful /

Ajay Singla Rohini Delhi

I have only loss form my Business day by day . one day I m reading newpaper and I saw Bengali Baba ji Advertisement and I consult to Bengali Baba he is great person he listen all my problems . he told don´t worry about business . he give me a simple Suggestion and Now I m happy From My business and Now I have Big Profits in my business .. I m greatful to Pt. aniket Sharma ji

vebhav Sharma Mumbai

I really thought the perspective of the course was amazingly refreshing- I have studied astrology on my own from assorted references- this course was the only course I have ever been involved with that took such a conscious stance on astrology's role in our lives. It felt like Truth- and not just another left brain association- I felt like I really gained something precious and worthwhile in my understanding of astrology from this course- One of a kind truly! It has completely changed the trajectory of my growth in this avenue of learning. Ari really gave a fundamentally simple look at how astrology functions- and built from that firm foundation a seemingly Truthful contextualization. When working with Ari in this course, I felt like every question I had- was answered before I could ask it :) Made the whole course seem very logical and understandable. Like he could show anyone this amazing perspective and they would HAVE to see! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Parmod sehgal Shimla

I was troubled by the last three month. My son was at his own mind.He did not listen to anyone. No work was his own choice.My wife and I were very upset for that.I also showed a doctor five time.Still no difference I had completely given up.I was thinking I left him, on his condition Then one day I was reading the newspaper Then I read the add of Pt. Aniket Sharma.And I do Pt. Aniket Sharma called up.And very soon I got Pt. Aniket Sharma ji. Then Pt. Aniket Sharma ji.My problem was solved within 12 i m very happy with Pt. Aniket Sharma ji.My son is fine. Now my family is very happy Now I've been very happy with the result Pt. Aniket Sharma..I would like to advise all If you have any problems Go to the Pt. Aniket Sharma . Today I've been happy and my family is happy, if only due to Pt. Aniket Sharma ji .i m very thankful to Pt. Aniket Sharma ji.

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